About the Oakland Schools Education Foundation

The Oakland Schools Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity in Oakland County that supports educational and enrichment programs offered by Oakland Schools. In its 14 year existence, the Foundation has provided funding for programs that have touched thousands of Oakland County students, from budding engineers in the Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association, to future business leaders and diplomats in the Global Trade Mission, and preparing countless of early learners for success in school.


The Oakland Schools Education Foundation works to enhance and enrich learning opportunities for students in Oakland Schools and its constituent districts by building connections between business and education throughout Southeast Michigan.


The vision of the Oakland Schools Education Foundation is to be a fully sustainable, high performing non-profit organization, widely recognized as a champion for public education that works in collaboration with Oakland Schools to support core educational programs.

Guiding Principles

We grow students’ potential in our community by supporting Oakland Schools and the programs they’ve prioritized. We serve as intermediaries between business and community leaders and Oakland Schools by raising funds from business and community leaders to support Oakland Schools educational programs and making Oakland Schools aware of the changing needs of businesses and the community.