Oakland Schools is designing, developing and deploying a mobile lab to engage k – 12 students, teachers and families in Industry 4.0 experiences. The program will launch in the spring of 2021 and be provided to all districts in Oakland County free of cost for at least five years. The STEMi will provide up to 40 learners simultaneous access to 1,000 square feet of interactive high-tech industry equipment. Learners will build career awareness and self-efficacy through hands-on experiences with autonomous vehicles, collaborative robots, extended reality and smart manufacturing.

To maximize the spark generated by the STEMi experience and to provide greater access, Oakland Schools is providing pre- and post-experiences in the form of a STEM equipment lending library and virtualization of on-site experiences. The STEMi and its supporting initiatives will provide one-of a-kind career readiness opportunities for all learners in Oakland County.

Each year the STEMi will visit all 28 school districts in Oakland County for one week and provide a tailored experience.
In five years, the STEMi will provide direct career readiness experiences for nearly 100,000 students. It will also provide professional learning opportunities for over 5,000 educators.

Support this unique educational experience!

We are looking for local business who are interested in helping learners pursue STEM careers, develop the future workforce and addressing the skills gap to support our Mobile Innovation Station.

There are a variety of Sponsorship Opportunities available. Please contact andrea.berry@osedfoundation for more information.